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Milayo is a brand new company that launched in August 2019. We're focused on innovative and outstanding live events through branding and marketing experiences.

We’re Growing

The goal for us at Milayo is to brand and then grow our clients to whatever sector they wish to enter whether it be domestically or internationally, our services are tailored to you.

Marketing Methods

The main reason why we apply live marketing is because it helps our client segment and target specific customers to deliver personalized messages on behalf of the client.

Diverse Portfolio

Our clients range from fortune 500 companies, non profit organization and startup company with the aim to create a path to a secure market promotions.

Supercharge Your Marketing & Brand Awareness

We are a diverse marketing company with the aim of transforming the marketing sector by offering our clients extensive live consumer marketing strategies that helps generate quality customer acquisition, brand awareness and revenue.

Why Live Marketing?

We Provide Quality Campaigns & Exciting Ideas

Knowing the traits of consumers allows us to focus our marketing on people who are likely to become customers. A benefit of knowing which consumers are apt to respond is so that we can optimize our clients marketing budget and save money on marketing methods that could prove ineffective for our clients.

Why Work With Milayo?

Our Company Culture Is Loved By Clients

We have a fun and upbeat environment which is centered around teamwork, where each individual has the autonomy to voice their opinions and express their talents reason why our work is more creative, and we are able to get quick result for the client. which makes us more valuable when compared to any other marketing and sales company.

We make it simple to share your ideas with target audiences

At Milayo anyone can integrate themselves into our exciting environment. We believe that a happy employee leads to an awesome rapport with our customers. We are different because of the rapid and organic growth the we provide for our customers.

Our Goals

We are a new company so our goal in the next 1 year is to grow our team and continue expanding our clients' customer base. We want to open up 20 more locations domestically in the next two years and expand internationally in the next five years.

Why We’re Awesome

The clients we are working with want to ensure that we are keeping up with their projected growth. This is going to make the difference between whether or not we can take on further clients that are still waiting to use our services.


Our CEO is motivated by the need to takeover the marketing sector, and show people the benefits that live marketing has to offer, in the modern day. Her drive to change the world is why we are here. To make a difference.

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