There’s no shortage of productivity tips. You find them everywhere. The problem is, many of them are just random pieces of advice that people think up with no research backing. There’s usually nothing to prove that the hacks work for anyone.

Until now.

Rather than assume what works for me is going to work for you, the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research recently studied responses from more than 2,300 business professionals to find out which work habits and hacks, when applied in different combinations, drive productivity.

Listed are 36 insanely useful productivity hacks employed by “the extremely productive” (The XP) listed in order from the greatest frequency on down. However, while the ones on top are more common, this doesn’t mean the ones on the bottom are less effective.

Hacks only made this list if the research supported their inclusion as important for productivity.

1. Hold themselves accountable.

Ranked the No. 1 most frequent behavior of the XP (extremely productive), 76 percent of them agree that they hold themselves accountable to do what they say they’ll do.

2. Are very driven.

The XP are exceptionally more likely (74 percent) to be very driven compared to “the rest” (34 percent). In fact, they are 2.2 times more determined to succeed than the rest.

3. Are very proactive.

Of the XP, 67 percent say they are proactive versus only 25 percent of the rest. Unlike the latter, The XP create their success rather than waiting for it to happen.

4. Have productive habits overall.

Noted as the top-ranked key driver, 63 percent of the XP agree that they have overall productive habits that contribute to their success. The XP are also 5.3 times more likely to have productive work habits compared to the rest.

5. Follow a consistent morning routine.

When it comes to getting off to a productive start each day, 57 percent of the XP have a morning routine to make this happen.


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